Seismic Data Processing


GEOGALS it is a company with strong Seismic Data Processingbackground and work-at-seabackground. We provide best-in-class time processing, depth imaging, structural interpretation, and best-in-class onboard Quality Control services and onboard Fast-track Time Processing.


We process and re - process your land, TZ and marine seismic data by combining the latest processing software with experienced geophysicists and efficient hardware.


Our experienced onboard and onshore processing teams provide you with the expertise and service to achieve the highest quality 2D and 3D imaging in all geological environments.


Our software has been entirely developed on modern and provides a modern, highly interactive and user friendly platform for all aspects of processing and imaging.


GEOGALS’s main processing hubs are in the EU but we have the flexibility to establish project specific centres close to our clients’ offices as required.


Full azimuthal migration. Is applied

for calculating the wave field in anisotropic

environment and calculation of porosity attributes




Reverse Time Migration. Is applied

in difficult geological conditions

complicated by salt tectonics




The use of Q migration allows you to restore high frequencies, as a result of their absorption by the medium, due to which the resolution increases seismic recording




FWI algorithm is based on modeling synthetic gathers using initial velocity model and minimization of difference between real and modeled gathers




5D-Regularization and Pre-Stack Time Migration


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