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GEOGALS business

GEOGALS business is TIME/DEPTH processing, but we think of processing as a part of sequence, so GeoGals is:

• Staff

• Experience

• Management

• SOFT ware

• HARD ware

• Internal Proc QC

• OnBoard Processing

• R’n’D

STAFF - The Right Way to do Business

• Employment of best people in industry

• Comprehensive training program

• Building strong in house geophysical expertise

Personnel industry experience (years):

• Project manager: 27

• Operations manager: 26

• Chief Geophysicist: 12

• Chief Depth Imager: 15

• Chief Interpretation QC: 18

• Team Leaders: 10+

We think there is no sense of selling capabilities of software and hardware. Final product MUST be suitable for Client, so every project is QC’ed by internal geologist. Every step should be made for purpose.

• Geogals

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