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General Information


GEOGALS is a seismic data processing company, which was incorporated in 2011 in Tallinn (Estonia). As an independent service provider, GEOGALS use the modern processing software and powerful hardware to process large volumes of 2D and 3D seismic data acquired in various geographic and geologic settings, e.g. land, transitional and marine environments.


The company head office and its main Processing Center are located in Tallinn (Estonia). Regional offices are located in London (UK), Manama (Bahrain) and Asuncion (Paraguay). Local Data Centers are located on board of two seismic vessels.

Information about software


The main software tool for marine data processing is the REVEAL package from Shearwater ( We also use software products from other developers (Paradigm, Flatirons, RadEx Pro) depending on client requirements and complexity of geological setting.

Software packages:

Sharewater REVEAL (licensed)

Flatirons  (licensed)

RadEx Pro (licensed)

Paradigm application suite (on lease)

Information about hardware


 Main Data Center (Tallinn) consists of more 3200 CPU cores (160 nodes by 20 CPU cores each) and more than 1500Tb of useful data storage. Each node carries at least 128Gb of RAM (96 nodes of that kind) or 256Gb of RAM (64 nodes).

In our IT environment, we rely on the following hardware and software technologies:

- Networks: Juniper 10G ethernet switches and Mellanox FDR Infiniband.

- Computing hardware: HPE c7000 and DL series servers.

- Basic operation system: CentOS Linux 7.7

- Batch manager: Slurm MD

- Distributed filesystem: BeeGFS

- Deployment and orchestration: SaltStack

The proposed works under the NPD tender will be performed in Tallinn

Processing Center. The staff will be located in Tallinn office as well.

About Tallinn Processing Center



• Ten HP с7000 chassis with 16 nodes in each (16хBL460 G8, 2хE5-2680v2 (20 CPU), 128Gb or 258Gb RAM, 960Gb SSD)

• 3200 CPU in total

• 60 TFlops average performance.


Management infrastructure:

• HP DL380 servers (2xE2690v1 (16 CPU), 384Gb RAM, 1,6 Tb SSD)

• HP DL360 servers (4xE5-2680v1 (16CPU), 256Gb RAM, 800Gb SSD)

• 3 Juniper 4550 & 12 Mellanox SX6036 switches


Data storages:

• SuperMicro data storage systems (6 SuperMicro 140 Tb – 840Tb)

• Hitachi data storage system  ( 800 Tb)

• Tape library archive data storage: IBM 3310 – 400 tape slots (LTO 6)


Tape Drive:

• IBM 3592 E5

• IBM 3592 E7




Staff Information


GEOGALS employs 15-20 specialists – geophysicists, geologists and IT staff with profound professional record. Combined expertise of our personnel and tens of years of experience in a wide range of petroleum provinces allow us to carry out projects of any complexity and size. We are experts in using cutting-edge procedures, such as 3D SRME, WEMA, 5D regularization, RTM, FWI, Q-PSDM and ES360.

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