Processing tools


Marine processing tools offer an extensive range of tools for any marine seismic processing task. This starts with the option to perform real time QC onboard a seismic vessel, 2D SRME and PSTM, while for those looking to get the most from their marine data, we also offer advanced marine and depth imaging options. The advanced marine package includes the latest de-ghosting and 3D SRME tools to extract the highest value from your conventional or broadband data.

Management - for client orientation operations


Specialist and resources are chosen according to project time line and are     never shared between project. For time optimization further processing steps are started ASAP and run in parallel.                                                                         Client is always given an option either to get results earlier, or to have extra products and recommendations.

Team work


Working together, our acquisition and processing teams provide you with the highest quality seismic data and Fast Track deliverables

for every type of survey and for every type of acquisition technique.

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